Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My spares

This year I have found a new way to free the exuberant side of me that no one knows exsits until they experince it in unsuspecting situations. The other day i went and bought a really scary werewolf mask for my car (ps; if you know me at all, ud know that i am terrified of werewolfs and i totaly think they r real, so i was actaully afraid to put this mask on at first considering it might attach to my face permantly and id be a werewolf for life). You say "what's the purpose of that?" well the purpose is to drive around in the middle of the night scaring the poopies out of everyone you see. Now i thought that this idea of mine was fairly clever, but little did i know....that my friend kelsey had been doing this for a long time already before me. Now she doesnt only have one creepy mask, she has like a billion. Oh and she never waits for night to use them. The past few days during my spares a few friends and i went for drives in kelseys car. This does sound inoccent but when u wear these masks and purposely go through drive-thrus just to scare them it becomes not so innocent. Doing this in drive-thrus was thrilling...for the first two spares, so luckly i was along to suggest we go to the university of manitoba and make life intersting there. So we did. None of us expected to see what we saw there that day.....we saw people that graduated from our school..SHOCK! So needless to say, duh we took this a step further. Instead of just driving around scaring students we drove around saying their names and waving at them in the personalitys of our masks. Yah thats right we r that cool. Maybe tomorow we will go to a nearby school at lunch hour and see what type of fun and joy we can bring into the lives of children....mwahahaha. -Brittany

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to ride a bus...or my way of completing the task

So the other day...well like a month ago, my friend sarah took me on a bus for the first time. Now..this is not a problem for anyone else..but for me..its a completly different story. So this is how it all went down. First of all, scince i have never rode a bus before i thought that when u get on the driver waits for u to find a seat....YEAH RIGHT. My butt instantly found a seat after my feet tripped over themselves when the bus driver sped away at speeds that i never knew a bus could go at. To bad the seat my butt found was already occupied by a man who definetly wasnt in the mood for a blonde girl to fly onto his lap until he realized i was blonde. But wait. It gets oh so much better...u know that little purple paper called a transfer? apparently ur supposed to keep them when u need to change busses, not jam them down into ur pocket underneath a cellphone and a whole bunch of other stuff. Or you know whats fun? when u get off the bus then realize u have to catch another one so u can be ontime to get home for dinner, but as you start running towards the bus stop a homless man approaches u and wont let u go untill u agree that ur a beutiful model who is rich and u should give him money, when all u have is a penny u just lost after looking for the stupid purple paper. And then when he finaly lets you go, u find urself running down a back alley away from other men now trying to approach u only to realize u are completly trapped between buildings and disgusting house's that smell like weed and other miselancous smells. So yup! I definetly want to ride a bus again...its soo much fun! -Brittany

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why is it that humans always want to know what we can't figure out, but then when we do figure it out, we are never satisfied.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yard Work extravaganza!

Today my family completed all the yard work that needed to be done before winter. My duty was to cut the plants in the garden down to little nubs so that they have a chance at coming up again next season. I started doing this and after a while i realized that my sheers were not cutting as well as they could, so i went and got a pair that was a little bit bigger. Now these medium sized sheers where doing a fairly decent job but i still thought that a bigger pair would complete the job faster and better. So back i went to the shed that holds to much stuff and i pushed my way back through the collection of nomes my father desided to start collecting and finaly i saw them....the biggest pair of sheers you can possibly imagine. (depending on how big your imagination is, these sheers might not acctauly be as big as you think) I streched out my arms as far as they could reach and my now numb fingers grasped the handel of these giant sheers. As thoughts of Edward scissor hands raced through my head i ran back to the front yard only pausing for a minute on the way to scare the dog with my new arm attachment. When i got there i was able to finish cutting my bush down only to find out that i am horrible and trimming plants and that i still had about five more plants to go. EPIC FAIL. Never pay me to trim your plants..atleast not the ones in the front yard..ill still except money to do the back yard! -Brittany

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sugar cubes and Sucker Stick Soccer

Have you ever experienced being bored at a family event? Probably so! if you havent then you are very lucky. Today i found myself sitting across the table from my cousin being bored after playing a wonderful game of greed..aka pocket farkel. I removed the sucker stick dangling from my mouth and faster then you can say " sugar cubes and sucker sticks" the game was on. The objetive? To get a sugar cube past the other persons goal using only the chewed up, mangeld, sucker stick you just pulled from your mouth. This may not sound very appatizing or enjoyble to you, but trust me...once you start theres no turning back. Now yes, i understand you may complain saying "BRITTANY!!! I TRIED THIS OUT AND IT SUCKED" but see, you must understand that the real fun doesnt begin until you start to cheat. So try again, but this time ignore any rules you have set up to prevent any sort of order from taking place. CAUTION: Side affects may include: sugar in your hair, bleeding fingers, sticky carpet, butter on your shirt and your grandmothers nice table cloth, and possibly pee in your pants. Consult a parent if any of these side affects occur. -Brittany

Thanksgiving 2009

This year for thanksgiving was spent like every other year. The routine is simple, wake up, go to church, head to grandma + grandpas house and stuff your face with foods that should never enter a humans mouth(aka. christmas chocolate from 2006). During this wonderful time of thanksgiving we tend to celebrate my brother and cousins birthday. This routine is also simple, you sit on a couch and watch your loved ones open presents that they probably wont ever use then proceed to walk around in a giant circle hugging everyone with in arms reach saying "THANK YOU, I LOVE IT!" and of course you hug them back then quickly push away the thoughts of "dang...i totaly forgot it was their birthday..good thing mom rememberd to get them somthing...wish i saw what she got them". Thanksgiving is a time to remember the things in your life that you are truly thankful for. I am thankful for my grandparents and everyone that i can share my joy with. - Brittany

1st Blog Ever

Yay! This is my fist blog ever and i must say that it is very confusing, i still don't quite understand what i am doing or how to do anything at all but maybe after a year i might possibly understand what i am doing! -Brittany