Monday, October 12, 2009

Yard Work extravaganza!

Today my family completed all the yard work that needed to be done before winter. My duty was to cut the plants in the garden down to little nubs so that they have a chance at coming up again next season. I started doing this and after a while i realized that my sheers were not cutting as well as they could, so i went and got a pair that was a little bit bigger. Now these medium sized sheers where doing a fairly decent job but i still thought that a bigger pair would complete the job faster and better. So back i went to the shed that holds to much stuff and i pushed my way back through the collection of nomes my father desided to start collecting and finaly i saw them....the biggest pair of sheers you can possibly imagine. (depending on how big your imagination is, these sheers might not acctauly be as big as you think) I streched out my arms as far as they could reach and my now numb fingers grasped the handel of these giant sheers. As thoughts of Edward scissor hands raced through my head i ran back to the front yard only pausing for a minute on the way to scare the dog with my new arm attachment. When i got there i was able to finish cutting my bush down only to find out that i am horrible and trimming plants and that i still had about five more plants to go. EPIC FAIL. Never pay me to trim your plants..atleast not the ones in the front yard..ill still except money to do the back yard! -Brittany

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