Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to ride a bus...or my way of completing the task

So the other day...well like a month ago, my friend sarah took me on a bus for the first time. Now..this is not a problem for anyone else..but for me..its a completly different story. So this is how it all went down. First of all, scince i have never rode a bus before i thought that when u get on the driver waits for u to find a seat....YEAH RIGHT. My butt instantly found a seat after my feet tripped over themselves when the bus driver sped away at speeds that i never knew a bus could go at. To bad the seat my butt found was already occupied by a man who definetly wasnt in the mood for a blonde girl to fly onto his lap until he realized i was blonde. But wait. It gets oh so much better...u know that little purple paper called a transfer? apparently ur supposed to keep them when u need to change busses, not jam them down into ur pocket underneath a cellphone and a whole bunch of other stuff. Or you know whats fun? when u get off the bus then realize u have to catch another one so u can be ontime to get home for dinner, but as you start running towards the bus stop a homless man approaches u and wont let u go untill u agree that ur a beutiful model who is rich and u should give him money, when all u have is a penny u just lost after looking for the stupid purple paper. And then when he finaly lets you go, u find urself running down a back alley away from other men now trying to approach u only to realize u are completly trapped between buildings and disgusting house's that smell like weed and other miselancous smells. So yup! I definetly want to ride a bus again...its soo much fun! -Brittany

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  1. hahahahao britty!! you failed to tell me this story!! lol youre right...your blog is hilarous!! i dunno if i should start one now...anyhoo! luv ya lots!! ~you know who~ :P