Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My God

I l.o.v.e my God, he is good to me, he really is. He shows me what i need in life and what i don't need. All i do is for my lord,all i say is for my lord. my feelings are my feelings. hate is a feeling it is also a sin, it is a struggle..we all struggle don't we? I asked God what to do about a friend who i knew had more potential then she was showing, he gave me words and i talked to her after asking permission to talk. Yes now i deal with what i have done and i am glad i did the right thing. Thank you to Nic klein, Meagan meesh meesh, sarah G, and kelsey Bakun for helping me overcome the fears of doing what God has asked of me. My God is the only God. He loves unconditionally to everyone. It is hard to be a 24/7 christian. No one can do it. We must strive to be that 24/7, even if we are not that. Thank you God for placing the right ppl in my life to show me that you are always in command. I owe my life to you and no human being can ever wreck our relationship. xoxoxo i love you God. -Brittany

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Have u noticed

Have you noticed that when you make urself open to God, he actauly uses you? a word of advice -Brittany