Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sugar cubes and Sucker Stick Soccer

Have you ever experienced being bored at a family event? Probably so! if you havent then you are very lucky. Today i found myself sitting across the table from my cousin being bored after playing a wonderful game of greed..aka pocket farkel. I removed the sucker stick dangling from my mouth and faster then you can say " sugar cubes and sucker sticks" the game was on. The objetive? To get a sugar cube past the other persons goal using only the chewed up, mangeld, sucker stick you just pulled from your mouth. This may not sound very appatizing or enjoyble to you, but trust me...once you start theres no turning back. Now yes, i understand you may complain saying "BRITTANY!!! I TRIED THIS OUT AND IT SUCKED" but see, you must understand that the real fun doesnt begin until you start to cheat. So try again, but this time ignore any rules you have set up to prevent any sort of order from taking place. CAUTION: Side affects may include: sugar in your hair, bleeding fingers, sticky carpet, butter on your shirt and your grandmothers nice table cloth, and possibly pee in your pants. Consult a parent if any of these side affects occur. -Brittany

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