Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My spares

This year I have found a new way to free the exuberant side of me that no one knows exsits until they experince it in unsuspecting situations. The other day i went and bought a really scary werewolf mask for my car (ps; if you know me at all, ud know that i am terrified of werewolfs and i totaly think they r real, so i was actaully afraid to put this mask on at first considering it might attach to my face permantly and id be a werewolf for life). You say "what's the purpose of that?" well the purpose is to drive around in the middle of the night scaring the poopies out of everyone you see. Now i thought that this idea of mine was fairly clever, but little did i know....that my friend kelsey had been doing this for a long time already before me. Now she doesnt only have one creepy mask, she has like a billion. Oh and she never waits for night to use them. The past few days during my spares a few friends and i went for drives in kelseys car. This does sound inoccent but when u wear these masks and purposely go through drive-thrus just to scare them it becomes not so innocent. Doing this in drive-thrus was thrilling...for the first two spares, so luckly i was along to suggest we go to the university of manitoba and make life intersting there. So we did. None of us expected to see what we saw there that day.....we saw people that graduated from our school..SHOCK! So needless to say, duh we took this a step further. Instead of just driving around scaring students we drove around saying their names and waving at them in the personalitys of our masks. Yah thats right we r that cool. Maybe tomorow we will go to a nearby school at lunch hour and see what type of fun and joy we can bring into the lives of children....mwahahaha. -Brittany

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