Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I went to the doctor today and i must say that i think i learned more just sitting in the waiting room then actually going into the office. When i was sitting in the chair waiting, i saw this really small child maybe 3 years old. She was walking around (well mostly wobbling) and smiling at random people. It made me reaize how intricate our bodies really are. Like imagine, how on earth does all the stuff that fits into an average adult body fit into a child of maybe 3 years old. Our bodies are amazing. I had the privilege to go to an exhibit called body worlds in edmonton one summer. It was amazing, yes i saw many many dead people, but that's the whole point. Looking at how amazing and intricate the body is, made me cry. I still cry when i think about it. The fact that my brain is telling my fingers where to move to type this is incredible. Its impossible for someone to say the human race is an accident. God created us. No "bang" can somehow manage to fit everything we have in our bodies into the space that we individually use. This is an amazing work of art. I am marveled at this art work and i will never say and accident created us. Thanks God for all you did to make me. -Brittany

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